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public art DESIGN

ARTSCAPE vision, design and create public art for the public domain on behalf of private clients and government agencies. 

Public artworks are created for the public realm and a public audience. They are for public benefit and support the growth and development of  creative layers to our urban places.

ARTSCAPE's public art service is tailored to the needs of each client and project including:

  • Public Art Visioning

  • Community Engagement

  • Public Art Concept Design

  • Public Art Design Development 

  • Public Art Fabrication and Installation

  • Public Art Maintenance. 


WHAT IS Public art?

Public Art is a chronicle of our public and cultural history. Public Art can project the identity of a place - it is one of the many voices of the public domain.


Public Art can be controversial and can challenge thoughts and perceptions. Public Art is located in the public domain. It 'belongs' to the community. 


ARTSCAPE works closely with our clients to understand their aspirations and objectives to create high quality public art for the public domain. ARTSCAPE takes a unique approach to each and every project. Our role is to develop a creative approach that is designed for the place and site where it is located. This means any artwork we create is unique and not a replication of our stylistic approach. It results in a placed based creative outcome. 

public art DESIGN experience

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