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Penrith City Council, 2018

"As a western outpost of the Metropolis, Penrith enjoys the spectacle of dramatic sunsets. They blaze above the darkening skyline of the Blue Mountains – and above the silky shadows of the Nepean. On special days, when the air and winds allow, the sunset rays can be more clearly seen – like glowing fingers reaching out from the brilliant core.

Highlights achieves the idea of capturing magical Penrith sunsets through the radial array of pixelated motifs on the sunburst columns – where perforations in the sheaths emit light from a central core.


Set at a consistent height above the pavement to infer the horizon, the light projecting through the open motifs slowly modulate – simulating the way natural light changes as the Sun draws back from the landscape.


Attractive by day, the artworks come to life at night. Their interesting style, evocative pattern and gently twinkling light imbue the area with romantic ambiance that many see as one of the highlights of an evening dining experience.

Project Details


Penrith City Council

Project Scope

Concept Design

Detailed Design


Content Curation

Project Oversee

Project Team

Detailed Documentation: ALCAMA

Supplier: Form+Light

Manufacture: HESS
Landscape Architect: Tract Consultants


Adam Hollingworth

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