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Baptist Care & Lend Lease, 2023

Located at Gimbawali Place Apartments in Carlingford, Lanterns by David Cianci embodies the essence of home. A project by BaptistCare and Lendlease, Gimbawali Place offers 162 affordable homes for single-parent families and seniors, showcasing BaptistCare's commitment. Lanterns symbolize home's warmth with a series of lanterns, guiding visitors towards the entry, while its 'Y' layout pays homage to BaptistCare's roots. Created with Tilt Industrial Design, the artwork stands as a beacon of unity.

Situated within the newly constructed Gimbawali Place Apartments in Carlingford, Lanterns, a creation by the artist David Cianci, is an embodiment of the spirit of home.


Gimbawali Place, a project developed by  BaptistCare and constructed by Lendlease, is a significant achievement, offering 162 affordable residences tailored to single-parent families and seniors in need of housing solutions. This impressive development is BaptistCare's largest and most recent housing endeavour, emblematic of its dedication to addressing housing challenges.

Lanterns, embody a representation of the hearth's nurturing light - expressed as a series of lanterns. It captures the essence of home, where affection and warmth envelop all who cross its threshold. The artwork symbolises the tradition of 'keeping a light on' as an enduring sign of hospitality and care. It serves as a poignant reminder that a home is more than just a physical space—it's a sanctuary, a place of solace.

The art installation features three distinct arch-like elements of varying heights, thoughtfully guiding people toward the main entry. Its layout, reminiscent of the letter 'Y,' pays homage to the origins of BaptistCare, referencing 'Yallambi,' the name of the Aged Care Home that first graced this site in 1951.

The artwork was developed in collaboration with Tilt Industrial Design, who fabricated and installed the artwork. 

Project Details


Baptist Care

Lend Lease

Project Scope

Vision and Thematic Framework

Public Art Design



Project Team


Tilt Industrial Design


Adam Holigworth – Hired Gun.

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