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'Coulter Street'

City of Ryde Council, 2019

Environmentally the Coulter Street upgrade focuses on the pedestrian viability of the space. Whilst vehicles still use the space, they now appear out-of-place. The upgrade has encouraged people to walk through the space and spend time within the space. Materials with a long-life cycle were selected to minimize maintenance requirements.

Coulter Street, Gladesville was strategically identified as a link well used by the local community to access shops and cafes, the public school and Trim Place. Trim Place, a small park is the only parcel of public open space in Gladesville Town Centre. It isn’t large, yet it is well appreciated by the community. Upgrading Coulter Street extended space for public gatherings with a strong visual and physical connection between Coulter Street and Trim Place. It also allowed for opportunities for placemaking with the inclusion of public art that responded to community engagement.

ARTSCAPE were engaged as the creative consultants to pursue placemaking and public art outcomes. Council and ARTSCAPE were keen to ensure that the public art was integrated with the upgrade and not something added on later. It was therefore crucial for ARTSCAPE and Council to consult together with the community to gauge their thinking and provide direction. As a placemaking project the upgrade required significant community engagement with the general public, adjoining businesses and school interests. Safety was identified as the first concern with better lighting (preferably creative lighting) identified. Greening was the second concern. This was followed by a general need to add some colour and warmth to the area with materials and lighting.

Project Details


City of Ryde Council

Project Scope

Public Art Curation

Community Engagement

Concept Design

Detailed Design


Project Oversee

Project Team

Detailed Documentation: ALCAMA

Manufacture: GDS

Installation: TILT Industrial Design
Landscape Architect: City of Ryde Council


Grace Picot

Ryde City Council 

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