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'Flower, Sun, Moon, Head' 

City of Ryde Council, 2018

Flower, Sun, Moon, Head - designed as an inspirational exercise space for locals and visitors. Where thought pays homage to the body. Where the body responds with a clear mind.

Flower, Sun, Moon, Head (aka - the exercise mandala) is an artwork that serves as a stage for freedom of expression.


Located in Wilga Park, the space was identified by ARTSCAPE as appropriate for public art in the Macquarie Park Corridor Public Art Master Plan

The artwork encourages people to become a part of the artwork, which facilitates exercise, yoga, dance and organised fitness.

These human interactions infer the never-ending spirals of  existence – always renewing  - always re-forming.

The vibrant petals of the mandala speak of energy, peace and flowing movement. The moon phase motifs become the socially distanced platforms for individuals during group sessions.


Flower, Sun,  Moon, Head is the counterpoint to 'Burst', also by ARTSCAPE, which resides in the park. 


Project Details


City of Ryde Council

Project Scope

Public Art Curation

Concept Design

Detailed Design


Project Oversee

Project Team

Installation: StoneSet

Landscape Architect: Complete Urban

Landscape Contractor: Glascott


Grace Picot




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