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'The Link'

Melton Shire Council NSW, 2012

'The Link' is a bold artwork that has been specifically designed to complement the Taylors Hill Youth and Community Centre. By isolating one bike chain link from its broader assembly the artwork seeks to identify the importance of youth culture in our communities.

The Link by David Cianci is a bold, colourful and friendly public artwork which physically identifies with youth culture and conceptually identifies with connecting community and culture.

The artwork physically references a bike chain link, however, there are broader notions of linking which come into play.

By isolating one component of the bike chain the audience is required to contemplate the broader assembly of the parts which make things move forward.

The Community Precinct is a vital link in the overall masterplan for Taylors Hill as it will provide the youth with a facility which caters for their needs.

The Youth Centre will become an active hub and also provide support for the youth to get the help and assistance they need as they move forward through life.

The artwork identifies with popular culture, such as key chains used by grunge musicians, and BMX and skateboard components such as bushes, cranks and ball-bearings which essentially make skateboards, bikes and scooters functional.

Project Details


Melton Shire Council

Project Scope

Public Art Curation

Concept Design

Detailed Design


Project Oversee

Project Team

3D Modeling: Mascon Design
Workshop Drawings: Masco Design
Structural Engineer: RKM Consultants
Manufacture: Rock Martin Industries
Installation: Rock Martin Industries
Concrete Footings: 2MH Consulting





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