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public art STRATEGY

Public Art Strategy is the planning for new and existing public art in our public and private places.  Planning for public art can be undertaken for whole local government areas, through to individual spaces and buildings. Public Art is a keystone concept of ‘human culture’ which evolved approximately 70,000 years ago. After the creation of culture, our history began – first expressed  through art and pictograms. Today, public art continues to tell our story and it is important that art is planned for, to give it a place amidst the competing needs of our complex places.

ARTSCAPE's public art services can provide the following:

  • Public Art Audits

  • Public Art Policies

  • Public Art Strategies

  • Public Art Master Plans 

  • Community engagement and stakeholder engagement 



Public Art is a chronicle of our public and cultural history. Public Art can express the identity of a place - it is one of the many voices of the public domain.


Public Art can be controversial and can challenge thoughts and perceptions. Public Art is located in the public domain. It 'belongs' to the community. it can give a place a point of difference. 


ARTSCAPE undertakes its Public Art Strategic projects with the same detailed research and planning as a urban design master plan. We start with place based analysis which allows us to identify gaps in a place's public art framework. This leads to opportunities which can support the development of a place's creative culture and creative economy.  

The ARTSCAPE team comprises artist, urban design, architect, landscape architect and place based qualifications and skill sets which are essential for visioning and planning for public art. 

public art STRATEGY experience

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