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Dee Why Placemaking & Public Art Plan

Northern Beaches Council, 2015

Place Making is about transformation - the decision to transform a place into something greater, while retaining the parts that give it identity, charm and character.


Place Making says yes to fun, to reclaiming the streets and achieving a better understanding of ourselves and how we want to live. 

Place Making Action Plan for Dee Why Town Centre Extract

Dee Why is a beach side town, located north of Sydney, in the Northern Beaches Local Government Area. The township is located within a rich natural environment composed of National Parks, sporting reserves, wetlands, a botanic garden and beaches. 

In 2013,  Master Plan for Dee Why Town Centre was endorsed by Council. This Master Plan presented the vision for Dee Why for the next 30 years. 

Ready to take the next steps, Council recognised the power of Place Making to lead the process and bring the Master Plan into reality. 

The Place Making Action Plan or P-MAP is a road map for Dee Why - a town that exudes creativity and confidence. 

A P-MAP is flexible, as places and their people are constantly adapting and innovating. The P-MAP has two roles. Firstly as a creative framework for opportunities, yet to conceived. Secondly, the P-MAP presents a sketchbook of inspirational ideas.  It is imagined those ideas will evolve and adapt as the revitalisation project progresses. 

Project Details


Northern Beaches Council

Project Scope

Project Vision

Community Engagement

Place Framework

Project Identification

Public Art Curation

Project Team


The Design Partnership



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