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Central Coast Public Art Audit

Central Coast Council, 2020

public art is “an artwork that is positioned in, or viewable from, the public domain, temporal or permanent. An original creative work which takes place or is sited in public places and is the work of visual artists, craftspeople, designer/makers, artists working with community members, and performance artists. These works of art may be intended to be ephemeral, of temporary duration (as part of a festival or event), or installed for long term periods in the region’s public places”. 

Central Coast Council Public Art Policy Draft

​Public Art is an important part of a communities cultural fabric. Creating a web of good quality public art is a long term commitment that requires careful selection of artists and art typologies.

There is also a recognition of how public art artworks contributes not only to the public domain but public life.

In 2020, ARTSCAPE prepared a Public Art Audit for the Central Coast to identify existing public art and classify those artworks. This process will enable Council to plan for the future - to identify artworks ready to be decommissioned, artworks needing restoration and spaces needing high quality public art.

The audit identified six areas, Gosford, Wyong, The Entrance,  The Peninsula,  Central Coast North and  Central Coast South.

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The Design Partnership

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