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Macquarie Park Public Art Masterplan

Ryde City Council, 2017

"Public art is not prescriptional.


Whatever captures the interest and imagination of those who experience it and which makes them remember and revisit an otherwise ordinary location is worthwhile and successful public art"

Macquarie Park is a vibrant residential, business, research and educational hub just 15 minutes north-west of the Sydney CBD. It is home to numerous corporations, Macquarie University and a growing number of quality residential areas.

It is well served by road and rail transportation. It encompasses a distinct area - ideally suited to a well planned, well designed and well executed public art plan that will render a quality, memorable, enjoyable and profitable urban experience.

Innovative public artworks will stud Macquarie Park Corridor. Over time, these unified but individually unique presentations will brand Macquarie Park as a special destination. It will be known not just for its significant corporate residents, but for an enviable street life that caters to higher thought and inspiration – qualities that communities and individuals the World over strive for.

Project Details


 City of Ryde Council

Project Scope

Project Vision


Public Art Curation

Strategy Framework

Project Team


The Design Partnership


Grace Picot


The Design Partnership

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