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Brett Whiteley Place

North Sydney Council, 2015

An understanding of the way in which history and culture are recorded within the landscape can foster a strong and lasting conneciton of people with place. 

ARTSCAPE was engaged by North Sydney Council to prepare a public art approach and thematic framework for Brett Whiteley Place, an important public space in North Sydney CBD.


Brett Whiteley Place offers workers and residents a place of respite within the CBD context. OCULUS were tasked with creating a range of spaces with different functions. 

ARTSCAPE developed a number of principles, based on the life and work of Brett Whiteley, which informed the landscape approach.


01. a blank canvas... calm + textured.....a gently undulating landscape

02. a moment of turmoil + turbulence...twisting + turning

03. interrupting the calm and arranging urban interventions

04. creating plinths for art, events + city life to unfold

The dedication of the space to Brett Whitely required a well considered public art approach. 

As part of the plan, a Brett Whiteley Egg Totem Sculpture is proposed to take pride of place at the intersection of a series of spaces. Proposed as a tall and bold statement,
the work commands that all materials, finishes, view lines, pedestrian desire lines, performance spaces and other artistic / design gestures in close proximity are considered in light of its presence.

Project Details


North Sydney Council

Project Scope

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Public Art Vision

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Simon Wood

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