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what is a PLACE PLAN?

A Place Plan is a guiding document that helps Council and the Community work together to reimagine a Place.

A Place Plan takes the documents, strategies, plans and reports previously prepared for a Place and overlays new expectations and constraints at the time of the Place Plan's production.

In our past experience, some Place Plans integrate the findings and recommendations of over 25 documents. A Place Plan also incorporates projects that are currently underway, to ensure they align with past and future recommendations. 


Together, we use that information to identify a series of projects that can be delivered by a council, government authority, developer alongside its Community.

A Place Plan creates a shared goal and vision for a Place. This helps everyone understand what we are collectively trying to achieve and why. Most importantly, the Plan creates a framework to deliver projects. 


ARTSCAPE's Place Plans, integrate a process we call the Place Evolution Process. This process identifies ways to deliver a project project or opportunity overtime. 

What is included in a Place Plan?


At the core of a Place Plan is the Place Framework. The Place Framework provides the structure and direction for the Place Approach. More importantly it provides a framework for future projects not yet imagined - this allows for a consistent approach and reduces the chance of ad-hoc results.


The Place Framework builds upon the themes identified in background research,  existing studies, engagement and Place Analysis. The purpose of the Place Framework is to establish a hierarchy of ideas and opportunities for a Place, 

starting out with a simple Vision and Principles. 

The goal of the Place Framework is to put forward a framework that allows for continued discussion, the identification of ideas that should be tested and most importantly facilitates discussion. 

place evolution process


Seeding Stage

A Seeding Project seeks to test a new idea or opportunity for a Place. The project may have a larger objective and this Seeding Project is the first step in the process.


Establishing Stage

An Establishing Project seeks to reinforce a Seeding Project or is a more complex project that requires infrastructure to be implemented.


Mature Stage

A Mature Project may be the final step of an evolving project or it may be a major infrastructure project that has many complex parts or requires significant funding.

how do place evolution projects work?

To explain the process, the diagram below demonstrates a possible sequence of events that over time could assist in creating an evening economy. This approach does not seek to detract customers and business from existing retail, cafes and restaurants. The proposed temporary activations would be designed to encourage businesses to stay open. Or provide activations until such time they can be open in the evening. Most importantly, it requires Council and businesses to work together to complement existing businesses.

This process can be used for a range of activations and place transformations.



The Place is empty at night. Shops, cafes and restaurants are closed and the area feels unsafe. Visitors and locals lack things to do in the evening and choose other destinations.




Food trucks are deployed to inject life into the Place in the evening. Events are
organized around the food trucks. These activations have a regular timeframe and as they become consistent they become part of the rhythms of daily life. This process requires patience and consistency.




The idea of going into the Place after dark becomes normal. It has become
known as a place for high quality food, beverage and entertainment in the evening. As these activations become consistent, so do the numbers of people. This encourages some shops to open in the evening.




When all the shops are ready to stay open, the food trucks depart. They have done their job of seeding the space and the area has become known as an evening destination.



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