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Picton Place Plan

Wollondilly Shire Council, 2021

The Picton Place Plan identifies a range of projects and opportunities – some projects will be big while others will be small. Regardless of the scale or complexity of the projects,
we are building towards a common end goal.


The purpose of this Place Plan is identify that end goal and
look for ways to achieve it.

Picton is an historic town located in the Wollondilly Shire Local Government Area (LGA), 90 minutes south of Sydney CBD. The town is uniquely formed and sited. Its terrain, movement network and industry directly informing Picton’s urban morphology.

Today, Picton is at an important cross road - quite literally in its case. The role of Picton in the future is evolving and the purpose of the Place Plan is to help identify what that role could be. 

The Place Plan takes a evolutionary approach to Picton and its next stages of life. An evolutionary approach, recognises that it takes time for a town to transform into its desired form and character. In particular, it takes time for people to accept the new norm. An evolutionary process, sets a vision and goals and identifies the steps to achieve them. This means each place and project can move at its own pace, shedding and adding key ingredients along the way.

Project Details


Wollondilly Shire Council

Project Scope

Project Vision

Place Framework

Project Identification

Project Team


The Design Partnership



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