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In reimagining Places, we use something we call the Place Evolution Process. 

It is a process that allows for the private and public sector to implement a range of projects that evolve over time and progress from the seeding of an initial idea through to its maturity. This process allows for the testing of each project, the adjustment of project parameters and identifies the kick off points for each project to proceed to the next stage.

Place Evolution is a gradual process with a clear goal. Facts and information are important tools when seeking to change a place and its peoples behavior. When starting a project its important to understand each Place's baseline - by knowing your starting point you can test and be sure you have made a difference.

Getting Everyone Involved

Evolutionary projects are great opportunities for the community and businesses owners to get involved. Seeding projects, also known as Place Activation or Quick Wins are generally small scale and low cost which can tested by the local businesses with the

support of their Council. 

place evolution process


Seeding Stage

A Seeding Project seeks to test a new idea or opportunity a place. The project may have a larger objective and this Seeding Project is the first step in the process.


Establishing Stage

An Establishing Project seeks to reinforce a Seeding Project or is a more complex project that requires infrastructure to be implemented.


Mature Stage

A Mature Project may be the final step of an evolving project or it may be a major infrastructure project that has many complex parts or requires significant funding.

how do place evolution projects work?

To explain the process, the diagram below demonstrates a possible sequence of events that over time could assist in creating an evening economy. This approach does not seek to detract business from existing retail, cafes and restaurants. The temporary activations proposed would be designed to encourage businesses to stay open. Or provide activations until such time they can be open in the evening. Most importantly, it requires Council and businesses to work together to complement existing businesses.

This process can be used for a range of activations and place transformations.



The Place is empty at night.  Shops, cafes and restaurants are closed and the area feels unsafe. Visitors and locals lack things to do in the evening and choose other destinations.




Food trucks are deployed to inject life into the Place in the evening. Events are
organized around the food trucks. These activations have a regular timeframe and become consistent as they become part of the rhythms of daily life. This process requires patience and consistency.




The idea of going into the Place after dark becomes normal. It has become
known as a place for high quality food, beverage and entertainment in the evening. As these activations become consistent, so do the numbers of people. This encourages some shops to open in the evening.




When all the shops are ready to stay open, the food trucks depart. They have done their job of seeding the space and the area has become known as an evening destination.

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