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public art CURATION

Public Art Curation provides a clear and logical approach to the development of high quality public art. Public Art Curation is undertaken by a public art consultant who is experienced in the creation of art for the public realm.  Our curation processes are flexible to meet the requirements for a variety of approval processes for different local government areas and art typologies including sculptures, 2D artworks, paving inlays and catenary lighting. ARTSCAPE's role is to vision the thematic framework, identify artists, assist in the approval process and oversee the delivery of public art. 

Joy Cumming Statue_Artist Margot

ARTSCAPE's Public Art Curation services can provide the following:

  • Public Art Curation

  • Public Art Plan

  • Public Art Theming and Visioning

  • Public Art Management 

  • Public Art Artist Management

  • Public Art Maintenance Plans

  • Community engagement and stakeholder engagement 

what is a public art consultant?

A Public Art Consultant is responsible for the curation of an artwork by an artist or artist team. The artwork could in the private or public realm.


A Public Art Consultant's role is to oversee the process from inception through to its fabrication and installation.  The Public Art Consultant identifies the art process, approval pathways, thematic framework, art typology, and identifies how and when the artwork will integrate with its site. This means that a Public Art Consultant has skills and experience in both fine arts as well as urban design and place based planning. 


ARTSCAPE works closely with our clients to understand their aspirations and objectives to facilitate the creation of  high quality public art. ARTSCAPE takes a unique approach to each and every project. Our role is to develop a creative curatorial approach that is designed for the place and site where it is located. It results in a placed based creative outcome.

ARTSCAPE's team comprises artist, urban design, architect, landscape architect and place based qualifications and skill sets  which are essential for managing the creation of public art in a complex urban environment. 

public art curation experience

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