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Lane Cove Council, 2020

The glass canvas serves a dual function - to mask views of the adjacent child care building from the pool concourse. And, conversely, to screen views to swimmers from the child care facility.

ARTSCAPE provided public art curatorial services to Lane Cove Council during the development of the recently refurbished Lane Cove Aquatic Centre.

ARTSCAPE’s role encompassed developing an artist brief, facilitating the artist selection process and providing project oversee services from concept development to completion.
Artist Grant Molony and team of Jason Goulding and brother Russ Molony were selected to develop a creative proposal for the nominated art site - a series of glass panels. The artwork titled: ‘concurrents’ is presented as a topographical map in the style of Australia’s first peoples - depicting travel lines connecting special sites with the wonderful flora and fauna found in Lane Cove.

ARTSCAPE worked between the artist team, Icon (principle builder) and their specialist suppliers Linox Technology to coordinate the integration of the artwork.

Project Details


Lane Cove Council

Project Scope

Public Art Curation

Public Art Vision

Public Art Thematic Framework

Project Team


Grant Malony

Russ Malony

Jason Goulding


Grace Picot

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