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what is a public art PLAN?

A Public Art Plan is a document prepared by a Public Art Consultant for a public artwork. 

A Public Art Plan is required to accompany a Development Application and subsequent Construction Certificate and Occupation Certificate stages. 

Stages of a Public Art Plan and Process

A Public Art Plan can be broken into several stages.

These stages may have different names across different Local Government Areas however, they generally comprise three stages:

Preliminary Public Art Plan 

This stage identifies the Public Art Vision, Public Art Themes, Art Site, possible artists who could undertake the artwork, a budget and program. 

Detailed Public Art Plan 

This stage identifies the artist and their concept artwork for approval by Council.

The budget and program are finalised and are confirmed during this stage and the method of artist selection is documented in the Plan. The artist selection process could be through a direct commission, expression of interest or a design competition (noting that a paid design competition is best practice). 

Final Public Art Report

The Final Public Art Plan presents the completed artwork and documents the process, including the documentation / shop drawing process, fabrication and installation process. A Maintenance Plan, prepared by the artist, will form part of the Plan. 

What is the role of the Public Art Consultant?


The processes and requirements of each Council are different.


The integration of Public Art may differ across building typologies and development costs. A Public Art Consultant will help explain the process in simple language. The role of the Public Art Consultant includes the identification of a suitable artist and art typology, budgeting and programming and methods to improve integration of the artwork into the construction process. 

How much does a Public Art Plan cost?


The cost of a Public Art Plan will vary from project to project. Factors that influence cost include the cost of construction, Council's processes and expectations, the number of art sites and artists required, experience of the artist(s) and the delivery program for the development.

The easiest way to identify the costs is to contact us  and we can talk through your project and identify the best approach. ARTSCAPE provide Public Art Consultant and Public Art Curator services across Australia and New Zealand, where the company is a Registered Trade Mark.

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