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ARTSCAPE provides graphic design services when developing Identify Frameworks, Place Branding, public and private artworks and signage projects.  We develop graphic approaches to help express a place visually. Our stylistic approach is adaptable and flexible, to suit the personality, character and story of any given place. 

ARTSCAPE's Graphic Design services are tailored to the needs of each client and project.


Some of the services we provide include:

  • Element and Motif Design

  • Signage and Font Design

  • Logo Design

  • Graphics and words for inlays such as paving and seating

  • Photomontages 


Place Branding is a tool that helps to express visual identity of a place. Places vary by country and by culture; by geography and land use and by historical evolutions. A place may be a town, a suburb, building, park or even an intersection. In other words, a place is whatever we decide it is. It will be marked by certain features - sometimes unique – sometimes not. But no matter where it is, it’s someplace that we want locals and visitors to regard as special. Place Branding helps express those special qualities and express points of differences. 


ARTSCAPE develops graphics unique to a Place.

The design team uses a range of software including Adobe Creative Cloud and CAD programs to create artworks suitable for print and incorporation into signage, paving inlays, walls, seating and other Creative Urban Elements. The team also uses hand drawing, sketching, drafting and painting methods to create new approaches to graphic design.

Our approach draws upon place analysis, historical research and community engagement to develop the basis of our graphic solutions. 

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