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National Art School

National Art School, 2016

The NAS mission

The principal mission of the National Art School is to be a centre of excellence for the provision of higher education and research, scholarship and professional practice in the visual arts and related fields.

The National Art School utilises its independent identity and its historic site to develop and deliver arts and cultural awareness in a local, national and international context.

In August 2015, the National Art School engaged landscape architects and public art consultants ARTSCAPE to prepare a Landscape Master Plan for the open spaces at the school’s Darlinghurst site.

The intent of the Landscape Master Plan is to develop a comprehensive approach to the open spaces of the school.
ARTSCAPE engaged the services of The Design Partnership and Landscape Living Architecture to provide urban design and horticultural design advice to ensure an
integrated public realm.

The grounds of the National Art School are fascinating, beginning its history as a goal focused on limiting freedom - then developing into a school which encompasses creativity and freedom of thought.

The NAS mission recognises the value on the school’s historic site and how it can help in the pursuit of culture. Accordingly, this Landscape Master Plan has sought to understand the evolution and duality of the site - from prison to a creative school.

This Landscape Master Plan identifies a range of upgrades to the open spaces of the National Art School at Darlinghurst. The plan presents a design and project vision that is specific to the site and its cultural history.

Project Details


National Art School

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