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Maitland Place Activation Strategy

Maitland City Council, 2016

"We’re painting a new picture of Maitland. The canvas will be the streets, laneways, parks and gateways that lead to our city. It will be expressed in diverse ways, through art, food, play, performance and other renewal activities. These may be conventional – they may be experimental.

The instigators will be our community and business – encouraged and empowered by Council to investigate and enliven Maitland’s stage."

The people of Maitland have expressed a strong desire to create a vibrant place that celebrates the unique people and places that make up Maitland. 

One way these aspirations can be achieved is by creating an enabling environment for place activations across the community. By activating key public spaces and activity centres, Maitland City Council hopes to foster pride in place, transform the way the community interacts with the public domain, support cultural expression and build community connections.
In April 2016, Maitland City Council engaged ARTSCAPE and The Design Partnership to prepare a Place Activation Strategy and Action Plan for the local government area of Maitland. 

Since the adoption of the strategy and action plan, Council have delivered many new activations. They have become part of the cultural fabric of Council and the LGA.

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Maitland City Council

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Maitland City Council

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