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5 Lands Walk Master Plan

Central Coast Council, 2010

Connecting people to people and people to place. The walk is a community based, multicultural, physical and spiritual event held annually close to the winter solstice. 

Inspired by Italy’s Cinque Terre, the 5 Lands Walk is a 9km coastal walkway that links five Central Coast suburbs. The new formal walking trail replaces existing informal and disconnected trails. The team prepared a concept Master Plan and strategy which reflected on the areas cultural history and unique characteristics.

An official walk known as the 5 Lands Walk - Connecting People to Place is held annually on the winter solstice and provides an integrated art and culture experience, including sculpture, music and dancing. The walk has evolved into a multicultural event that attracts tourists from around the Central Coast and Sydney regions. 

Like any place based approach, the 5 Lands Walk Master Plan has been many years in the making and its success can be attributed to the dedication of the community behind it. What began as a local grass roots community initiative has become an annual event which expects to attract  22,000 people this year. 

One of the focal points of the walk is the Captain Cook lookout. Located at scenic Copacabana the lookout is a popular whale watching location during the walk and during peak seasons. 

Following the adoption of the Master Plan, the team worked closely to design and document a new lookout that provides a commanding view of the coast line between Sydney and Newcastle, which is also set to receive temporary public artworks. 

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