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Russell Streetscape Upgrade

Parramatta City Council, (Design) 2016
Cumberland Council, (Delivery) 2018

The $1.7 million upgrade of Russell Street, Granville started the design process under the jurisdiction of Parramatta City Council. And was later transferred to Cumberland Council during the delivery phase of the project.

ARTSCAPE provided design, documentation and delivery of a series of interpretive elements that formed part of an historic streetscape upgrade.

Heritage interpretive elements designed, documented and delivered by ARTSCAPE include box seats, cut-away plinths, interpretive inlays, signage and tree guards.


Together they flank Russell Street, Granville strengthening views to the period architecture. And reinstating the original design intent of the street.

Project Details


Parramatta City Council, (Design) 2016

Cumberland Council, (Delivery) 2018

Project Scope

Public Art Curation

Concept Design

Detailed Design

Landscape Architecture

Project Oversee

Project Team

Manufacture: GDS

Installation: GDS

Landscape Contractor: Landscape Solutions




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