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Wollondilly Cultural Precinct
Public Art Strategy

Wollondilly Shire Council and Ross Williams Architects, 2022

The cultural precinct will be the engine room of creativity. It will inspire and motivate artists, creatives and the community of the Shire and those who visit. It will do this through interactive and immersive experiences, Indigenous and european story telling,  the integration of living art and spaces for artists to showcase their creative pursuits. 
There will be an inward focus - generating new creative works within the Precinct. And an outward focus - which will seed art and culture throughout the Shire and its towns and villages. 


The Wollondilly Cultural Precinct will be a vibrant, creative and interactive space for locals and visitors to the Shire. The Wollondilly 2040, Local Strategic Planning Statement, identifies key planning priorities and actions that focus on protecting and retaining the many elements that make Wollondilly extraordinary. One of its key planning priorities identifies the need to implement the Cultural, Civic and Community Precinct at Picton. With the new cultural precinct well under construction, Wollondilly Shire Council and Williams Ross Architects engaged ARTSCAPE to prepare a Public Art Strategy to identify and plan for a wide range of permanent, temporary and ephemeral art opportunities. 

The process identified that the cultural precinct has the opportunity to showcase not only ‘traditional’ public art created for the public domain, but also artworks not usually considered as public artworks such as works by two dimensional artists, photography, soundscapes and performance. ARTSCAPE undertook Aboriginal engagement alongside Council to identify opportunities for art to embed in the physical and cultural fabric of the precinct. 

Project Details


Wollondilly Shire Council

Williams Ross Architects

Project Scope

Public Art Framework

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