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Dubbo Regional Public Art Strategy

Dubbo Regional Council, 2023

Dubbo Regional will use Public Art to support its goals to become a vibrant, safe, healthy, inclusive and economically and environmentally sustainable.


Public Art will form a key part of Dubbo Regional’s toolkit, to tell its stories and history, express its culture, test new and bold ideas, excite the imagination and explore sustainable expressions

of public art.

Extract from the Public Art Vision for Dubbo Regional

The Dubbo Regional Public Art Strategy 2023–2033 aims to provide the Dubbo Regional community, Council and its partners with clear direction in the planning, creation and maintenance of public art. 

The Strategy is currently being developed following a review of relevant Federal, State and Local government policy, analysis of existing public art, the undertaking of a public art audit, engagement with the community and key stakeholders and the identification of changes needed within Council to provide a system to support the creation of public art projects. 

The Strategy sets out areas for action and a framework to guide the work. 


Project Details


Dubbo Regional Council 

Project Scope

Targeted Community Engagement

Public Art Framework

Public Art Action Plan

Project Team


The Design Partnership



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